Thursday, March 25, 2010

Dumb and Dumber

Pretentious People:
-People who "protect" their tweets. I'll never tweet but for those who do, what's the fucking point if you then hide your tweetitude and twittiness from the world unless they gain your pompous permission? Cowardly assholes who don't want to be judged? Scaredy cats shouldn't be ALLOWED to twitter. Put it out there or shut the fuck up and stick to email.

-All "housewives" on "reality" TV shows. They think we find them interesting. We don't, unless rubber-necking at car wrecks is your thing. They all suck. Especially Kelly Bensimon the fur wearer who doesn't "get" anything. She's "up here" with her enormous teeth and we're "down there" slumming. She's an aging bitch who should know when to give up the ingenue clothing. She cluelessly doesn't. These "women" are an embarrassment to the rest of us, totally disgusting women who married money or were born into it and/or see clawing each other to pieces to get more money as a good thing.

More Morons:
-Apparently anyone from New Jersey. Jesus Christ, why don't they STOP the "people" who are showing up on "reality shows" and maligning their entire state? You'd think the home of Edison would rise up and scream, "WE'RE NOT ALL LIKE SNOOKI AND THE SITUATION!!" We've hit a new low in TV "shows" as pablum for the masses.

"Nothin's a guarantee, it's the old 'one day at a time'...and that's all it's supposed to be I guess."
Levon Helm


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