Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Vast Wasteland

The main drug of choice in America is television. Day after night after day there are mind numbing programs and commercials that jangle the nerves and paralyze the viewer. I haven't watched "the news" deliberately for almost three months. When I did tune in recently it was to see the exact same stuff/spin/slant being reported in December rehashed in March. Republicans still suck big time. Democrats are still afraid and almost ineffective. Sure, they passed the Health Care Bill at long last in the House. But what of the Senate? If even one Republican amendment passes, the entire package will go back to the House of Representatives for another difficult vote for Democrats in that chamber. More selling out of the public to special interests, more compromises away from anything progressive, more lying from the right. Same old same old. Quid pro quo: Although President Obama signed the $871-billion health care reform bill into law Tuesday, the Senate still must pass a package of "fixes" to that measure. The changes were demanded by House Democrats in exchange for supporting the Senate version of health reform in a vote on Sunday afternoon. So, I can't watch. Reading about it is quicker anyway.
On the "regular" channels sans cable, nothing but tripe. "Reality" shows, a travesty and waste of space. Meaningless phony "celebrities" whose claim to fame is being limelight seekers. The dumbing down of America continues.
Pipe dreams and Gambling shows. You too can be rich if you humiliate yourself on this game show first, buy this product while you watch. Only in America. Rags to riches. How unrealistic, yet the public is mostly attached to television several hours a day. What a waste of brain power, to sit hypnotized for hours.
There are some good shows on television. If I only had to pay for ones I like it would be great. Movies. Educational shows. The History Channel. Get a TV guide and plan ahead. Don't just turn the TV on automatically. It isn't our friend, it's a tool to see something more interesting than most of the fare offered as "commercial television" where corporations rule. Netflix is worth it. Movies unedited, no commercials. Swear words just like in real life. Censorship rules language while many Americans can barely construct a sentence. The Grammar Channel wouldn't do well in the ratings. And bringing in money for advertisers is what it's all about. For the DIY crowd there's HGTV. And nowadays, that's all of us. No cavalry is arriving to help us any time soon.
It's meant to be addictive. In the beginning it was hard to break away from being "informed" on current events. But all it did was upset me, so I needed to get away from all of it. I'm more focused on daily survival than I used to be. Thanks, Bush Administration, for all the thievery, lies, and destruction of our economy. The rich got richer and the poor got poorer. They call it a recession, I call it a depression. Look around. People are struggling. We bailed out the banks and they tightened the reins on us. Thanks, Congress. Fees. Changes in terms. That's what WE got, while our oppressors received a bailout from its victims. Extortion by bullies. We had our lunch taken from us.


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