Thursday, May 04, 2006

Iran Nuke Mania - A Stiff Solution

As Bush's poll numbers continue to plummet, now at 30% on his Iraq war, his warmongering recess-appointed UN Ambassador-of-bad-will John Bolton continues to escalate the war in Iran.
“If for whatever reason the council couldn’t fulfil its responsibilities, then I think it would be incumbent on us, and I’m sure we would press ahead to ask other countries or other groups of countries to impose those sanctions,” US Ambassador to the United Nations John Bolton told a House of Representatives government reform subcommittee. Under sharp questioning from Democrats who said President George W Bush appeared intent on war with Iran, Bolton dismissed as “fiction” news reports that US covert forces were in Iran. He said Bush was focused on diplomatic remedies. “I think we are going to move ahead very quickly with our Chapter 7 resolution on Iran, and have consultations quickly,” Bolton told reporters after returning to UN headquarters to meet with French and British diplomats. The draft would be shown to Security Council members “within a day or two” he said.
France and the U.K., good little colonialists that they are, have decided sanctions are necessary for Iran. Does that mean an end to Freedom Fries? Bolton the bully surges on with the Neocon agenda but China and Russia have other ideas. Whatcha gonna do? Nuke them too? The UN has drafted a resolution on Iran, war appears inevitable. It's what the thugs want, and they always get what they want. The rest of the world be damned. Criticize us all you want, Bush doesn't care what anyone thinks, not even other superpowers.
"I don't think this draft as it stands now will produce good results," China's ambassador, Wang Guangya, said of the draft measure, which was introduced by Britain and France and backed by the United States. "I think it's tougher than expected." "We are very skeptical about the sanctions. We think historically they have not been very useful," said Russia's new ambassador, Vitaly Churkin. "We hope that we can find a political and diplomatic solution."

The perverts in the White House love all things stiff. They have no intention of engaging in chit chat, they plan to bomb. A war with Iraq is their solution to bolstering the sagging dollar, lurching downward thanks to Bush's $8.4 trillion debt, $1.6 trillion owed to "foreign" governments. The trade deficit is $750 billion. Let's fix that problem with another war. Testing, testing, one, two, three. Divine Strake, the nuclear test in Nevada scheduled for June 2 is a prelude to major bombing. The Warlickan Party's State Department hawkboy, Nicholas Burns gave an assist to Bolton by shoving the asskissing "alliance" of the Anglo/Franco compliance down our throats. Diplomacy is for sissies, Neocons have a hard on for Iran.
While Burns assailed Iran's position, he insisted, "We believe there can be a diplomatic solution to the problem. We have not given up hope on diplomacy." Yet he dismissed any possibility of direct talks with Iran. "Diplomacy has to be hard-edged. Isolation is what we believe will work best," he said. "Within a month or two or three, you are going to see international support for sanctions," he added. "It's not time for business as usual with Iran," he said. "It's time for a stiff solution."

Iran Stands Its Ground despite the threats. If they're hoping justice will prevail, they've misunderestimated the thugs. "Enemies think that by ... threatening us, launching psychological warfare or ... imposing embargoes they can dissuade our nation from obtaining nuclear technology," Ahmadinejad said
Iran has invoked that prospect of late, threatening to freeze ties with the IAEA and questioning the value of staying in the NPT without a right to peaceful nuclear technology. IAEA inspectors have found no hard proof that Iran has a military nuclear program, but ElBaradei has said he still cannot say for sure that it is not conducting one in secret.

By outing CIA agent Valerie Plame, the White House deliberately set back Iranian intelligence operations by ten years. The twofer leak bought them a ticket into Iraq and Iran. They lied about WMDs in Iraq, they're lying about the nuclear aspirations of Iran now.According to current and former intelligence officials, Plame Wilson, who worked on the clandestine side of the CIA in the Directorate of Operations as a non-official cover (NOC) officer, was part of an operation tracking distribution and acquisition of weapons of mass destruction technology to and from Iran.
Hand in glove, Condosleeza Rice spread the meme that you can't believe a word from the Russians or Chinese as they don't have a free press Absolutely outrageous hypocrisy as the White House controls the U.S. media with an iron fist. but that's one of the lying talking points. Rice and Bolton on Iran, VOA, audio.
Exellent piece on Alternet on the Israel connection, overlooked by most Americans. It's time folks took a hard look at the actions of both governments. The citizens in both countries object and are ignored by the Hawk leaders. Big Bucks AIPAC dictates much of American foreign policy. Israel may even do the attacking. The U.S. and Israel work as a warmongering duo in the Middle East.
There's mounting evidence the U.S. has been conducting operations in Iran for a year. If past performance is any indication, Pace and Rumsfeld should be up soon to beat the war drums in a Pentagon briefing of lies. Little vials and cartoons of fake Iranian nuclear bombs shown to Congress will be next. Who the hell can come along and stop this insanity before we end up in WWIII? Do WE, the people have to do something HUGE to stop this? If Americans don't wake up and kick Republicans out of office our days are numbered. We need sane leadership not these sick twisted assholes taking us in the direction of total destruction.


Blogger Pissedoffcabbie said...

Hey, them photoshop thangs are fun. But, I'll bet Dubya don't like it too much, especially after that Colbert fellow made such a monkey outa him. Dang!

5:15 PM  
Anonymous daisy said...

About China, we cannot underestimate their clout.

5:41 PM  
Blogger Panda said...

Hey Cabbie, I hope to insult the hell out of Lying Chimp and his cabal of warmongers and any assholes who support this fascist regime. I bookmarked yer blog.
pissedoffcabbie You sound as pissed of as I am. I like that in a person.

12:49 PM  
Blogger Panda said...

Daisy, that's a good one. Thanks! Yup, the morons have sold us off to the highest bidder so that they can have cheap labor. They'd prefer outright slavery, they're working on

12:51 PM  

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