Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Later That Same Day...

Out of the sweaty shirt and into a Hawaiian shirt. How daring.
He usually wears solid blues and grays Whose idea was this?
Is it to hide the sweat? Why was he sweating so much?
This must be his firework watching shirt.

Bush planned to watch the Fourth of July national fireworks display from the White House. Among the estimated 150 people who were expected were Bush friends Brad Freeman, Joe O'Neill, Mike Weiss and Charles Younger, who rode with him to Fort Bragg aboard Air Force One.
Who are these "friends" of Bush?
Brad Freeman; Joe O'Neill; Footage of Bush drinking at the Weiss wedding, 1992 (Jamie Weiss, the daughter of close friends Mike and Nancy Weiss)Bush said he quit drinking in 1986; Dr. Charles Younger

President George W. Bush is presented with a birthday cake Tuesday evening, July 4, 2006, during a dinner party at the White House. President Bush will celebrate his 60th birthday on Thursday. White House photo by Shealah Craighead


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