Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Crooked Caging

I've been up in San Francisco for a wonderful and fun family reunion but relegated to dialup (ARRRGGGHHH!) and a news blackout. Withdrawals. So, this is a holdover from Friday. I wore my "Bush is a Fascist" button.
Randi Rhodes
In search of a political last meal I called Randi Rhodes and talked to her near the end of her show on-air, on hold and packing at the same time. A short but fun fix and validation. I love Randi, she tells the truth. She was on C-SPAN's Washington Journal the same morning and I was flushed with hope. What a satisfactory day for news junkies.Wow, it was a doozie. The Friday dump...RAGING CAGING!
John Conyers and Greg Palast examining Rove's emails.

Palast-Rove Emails
VIDEOS: Greg Palast Finds 'Lost E-Mails' Revealing Karl Rove and New US Attorney Griffin Integrally Involved

Did Rove's Protégé Puff Up Résumé?
Little Rock’s interim U.S. Attorney J. Timothy Griffin – already at the center of a firestorm over whether the White House has put politics ahead of prosecutorial integrity – made claims about his experience as an Army lawyer that have been put in doubt by military records.

Why, yes. Yes, he did lie

Monica Goodling Tim Griffin
Monica Goodling Tim Griffin
WaPoAdministration Worked for Months to Make Rove Aide U.S. Attorney in Arkansas

Greg Palast has found the emails, so Griffin quit his US Attorney position. He is in "talks" with the Fred Thompson campaign. Caging for Thompson.

It was a pleasure to meet Greg Palast at an Office of the Americas humanitarian award ceremony, Nov. 2004. I got him to sign one of his books which I had brought along. I followed him out into the lobby...he had no escape. Heh heh. We had a fun exchange. He's full of vim and vigor. More on the "event" here.
Palast  and Panda
Nov. 2, 2004
On November 2, Palast (joined) West Wing star Martin Sheen in Los Angeles where they will share an award from the human rights group Office of the Americas. The group cites Palast's investigations of the coup in Venezuela and World Bank destruction of the Argentine economy reported for Britain's prestigious Guardian newspapers and BBC Television's Newsnight.

Palast is a great investigative journalist but has to work from the U.K. The only fault I have with him is he won't just tell us what he has. This is too important to hold out for book sales. Palast is a good guy but he wants to sell books. I'm thrilled Conyers is now on it.
I "made contact" with Martin Sheen too but I've lost the picture. Up close he radiates. His mother is from Tipperary as was my father. I had to tell him that; also that my mother, (from Clare) thinks he's great. He's warm and engaging. I thanked him for West Wing but more for his caring humanitarian work. He gave me a hug!
In the meantime justice moves slowly, exposing more criminal acts of this administration. Crimes against the citizens of the US.
Found one
Martin Sheen  Panda
Keith Olbermann did a magnificent piece on the diversionary media used to cover up the truth and mislead the public. It's criminal. The Founding Fathers envisioned an INFORMED electorate. The secretive bunkered Bushco Gang needs an UN-INFORMED electorate; Mission Accomplished. The nexus of politics and terror

USA Resigns Following Conyers' BBC Docs.
Last night Palast showed Conyers a Griffin email from August 2004 indicating that Griffin not only knew of 'caging,' but directed the operation.

Tim Griffin's statement
Tim Griffin, the controversial Karl Rove protege installed as U.S. attorney in Little Rock without Senate confirmation, distributed a prepared release today announcing his resignation effective Friday, June 1.
"Griffin will be pursuing opportunities in the private sector ..." the statement said, without elaboration. Many media outlets continue to mention Griffin as a potential member of Fred Thompson's presidential campaign.
He said he'd accomplished much in nearly six months on the job, enjoyed working with the staff. "They welcomed me, taught me, inspired me, served shoulder-to-shoulder with me and have been an absolute joy with which to work. I will miss them dearly."

Um, his grammar is atrocious. He's a crook. He found voters to disenfranchise and stole votes. He made lists, he profiled. He knew what he was doing.

scooter dick 30 months-

Scooter Libby
'Scooter' Libby Sentenced To 30 Months
In CIA Leak Case
Vice president's former chief of staff is also fined $250,000; appeal is planned.

Will Lieboy pardon him? Probably, and Dick will take care of his family and bills.

Libby Fall Guy


Anonymous Asta said...

OMG, somebody needs to save Monica from her hair! It' attacking her!

I thought at first it was PhotoShopped, but I watched the hearings. Her hair hates her. After all these years of us hating our hair, our hair has finally decided to fight back.

Go hair! Go!

(Maybe I'm just jealous because I am losing my hair, but Monica needs to be strangled by a mousse. After she spills all the bean, that is.)

3:37 PM  
Anonymous asta said...

Maybe Ms. Gahzette will take pity and fix my typos.

These damn wireless keyboards aren't all up to snuff.

3:39 PM  
Blogger Panda said...

Gee, Asta, I didn't even notice any typos until you mentioned it. ;) I can delete but not edit. Sorry.
Her hair...hahaha. Yes, the attack of the killer hair. Most of the WH "men", and I use that term loosely, have no hair at all. They must like to be near it sometimes. Except for the Shrub, he loves his baldies.

3:45 PM  
Anonymous Asta said...

Boy, he sure does love his baldies.

Hey, you think that Laura wears a wig? Is that the last connection they have -- she's bald, he rubs her cranium?

My mom called yesterday and said, "Laura Bush is wearing a wig. It's so obvious."

My mom's 84 years old. She's seen it all. She's probably right.

3:51 PM  
Blogger Panda said...

Oh boy! I'll search for evidence of a wig. My mother says this administration reminds her of the Nazis in WWII. She's disgusted and dismayed at the course of the nation. She's 78. This admin. is depressing folks in their Golden Years. That's just not right. At least they have their sense of humor.
Personally, I don't think Pickles and Lieboy even sleep in the same room except for "show" when others are around. Sleeping with Satan would be difficult. Sleeping with a bald woman on Xanax? Hmmmm.

4:21 PM  

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