Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Ahhh....China Flexes Muscles

Look out America. The pot is now calling the kettle black. There's just one little problem. They own us. What's Bush going to do about it? Sell them a few ports?
China, hitting back, slams US rights abuses
Thu Mar 9, 2006
BEIJING-China hit back at U.S. criticism of its human rights record on Thursday, unveiling its own report detailing U.S. rights abuses, while Chinese activists issued a critical look at their own country's restricted freedoms.

The Chinese report, issued by the State Council, or Cabinet, takes aim at U.S. democracy -- calling it "a game for the rich" -- the high murder rate, domestic wire tapping and detention of Iraqi reporters by U.S. forces in Iraq.
"We urge the United States government to face squarely their own human rights problems, reflect on their own actions, take practical measures and improve their human rights situation," the report, carried by the official Xinhua news agency, said.
Well, they told US! Chinese history is riven with abuses; crimes against people, animals, the environment, but thanks to the abuses committed in our name by the Neocons, we Americans can no longer claim higher moral ground. We have lost respect all over the world. There have been times in our history when we aspired to greater things and noble causes, but this is not one of them. We've done some horrendous things in the past but we've sunk to new lows under the cruel and vicious "leadership" of Dick and Bush and their criminal PNAC cabal. Hitler tangled with Russia and lost, will the Neocons risk it with China? China AND Russia? Could they be that stupid, that lacking in foresight, that cocksure of their plans?
China calls for talks to resolve Iran nuclear crisis
BEIJING- China called on Thursday for negotiation to defuse a standoff over Iran's nuclear ambitions, saying there was still room for cooperation.

Foreign Minister Li Zhaoxing, speaking on the sidelines of the annual full session of parliament, said China supported European Union and Russian engagement to resolve the nuclear crisis.

"On the Iran nuclear issue, yesterday (IAEA director Mohamed) ElBaradei said the problem should be solved through peaceful negotiations," Li told reporters. "That makes sense. There is still room for cooperation... We support EU and Russian engagement with Iran."
Will Cheney and Bolton do as the Chinese "suggest" and "talk" or continue to escalate the situation with Iran? Who will blink first? As always, "Who benefits?" There's money to be made. I'd bet on some "talks" and some of those black ops they favor so much. The bastards are going to get us all killed before they can wipe us out financially. They won't want to miss watching our slow deaths. They'll postpone Dubya Dubya Three for now. Too quick and not as pleasurable for their sadistic tastes. Ha Ha Ha America, indeed.


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