Thursday, March 25, 2010

Dumb and Dumber

Pretentious People:
-People who "protect" their tweets. I'll never tweet but for those who do, what's the fucking point if you then hide your tweetitude and twittiness from the world unless they gain your pompous permission? Cowardly assholes who don't want to be judged? Scaredy cats shouldn't be ALLOWED to twitter. Put it out there or shut the fuck up and stick to email.

-All "housewives" on "reality" TV shows. They think we find them interesting. We don't, unless rubber-necking at car wrecks is your thing. They all suck. Especially Kelly Bensimon the fur wearer who doesn't "get" anything. She's "up here" with her enormous teeth and we're "down there" slumming. She's an aging bitch who should know when to give up the ingenue clothing. She cluelessly doesn't. These "women" are an embarrassment to the rest of us, totally disgusting women who married money or were born into it and/or see clawing each other to pieces to get more money as a good thing.

More Morons:
-Apparently anyone from New Jersey. Jesus Christ, why don't they STOP the "people" who are showing up on "reality shows" and maligning their entire state? You'd think the home of Edison would rise up and scream, "WE'RE NOT ALL LIKE SNOOKI AND THE SITUATION!!" We've hit a new low in TV "shows" as pablum for the masses.

"Nothin's a guarantee, it's the old 'one day at a time'...and that's all it's supposed to be I guess."
Levon Helm


Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Vast Wasteland

The main drug of choice in America is television. Day after night after day there are mind numbing programs and commercials that jangle the nerves and paralyze the viewer. I haven't watched "the news" deliberately for almost three months. When I did tune in recently it was to see the exact same stuff/spin/slant being reported in December rehashed in March. Republicans still suck big time. Democrats are still afraid and almost ineffective. Sure, they passed the Health Care Bill at long last in the House. But what of the Senate? If even one Republican amendment passes, the entire package will go back to the House of Representatives for another difficult vote for Democrats in that chamber. More selling out of the public to special interests, more compromises away from anything progressive, more lying from the right. Same old same old. Quid pro quo: Although President Obama signed the $871-billion health care reform bill into law Tuesday, the Senate still must pass a package of "fixes" to that measure. The changes were demanded by House Democrats in exchange for supporting the Senate version of health reform in a vote on Sunday afternoon. So, I can't watch. Reading about it is quicker anyway.
On the "regular" channels sans cable, nothing but tripe. "Reality" shows, a travesty and waste of space. Meaningless phony "celebrities" whose claim to fame is being limelight seekers. The dumbing down of America continues.
Pipe dreams and Gambling shows. You too can be rich if you humiliate yourself on this game show first, buy this product while you watch. Only in America. Rags to riches. How unrealistic, yet the public is mostly attached to television several hours a day. What a waste of brain power, to sit hypnotized for hours.
There are some good shows on television. If I only had to pay for ones I like it would be great. Movies. Educational shows. The History Channel. Get a TV guide and plan ahead. Don't just turn the TV on automatically. It isn't our friend, it's a tool to see something more interesting than most of the fare offered as "commercial television" where corporations rule. Netflix is worth it. Movies unedited, no commercials. Swear words just like in real life. Censorship rules language while many Americans can barely construct a sentence. The Grammar Channel wouldn't do well in the ratings. And bringing in money for advertisers is what it's all about. For the DIY crowd there's HGTV. And nowadays, that's all of us. No cavalry is arriving to help us any time soon.
It's meant to be addictive. In the beginning it was hard to break away from being "informed" on current events. But all it did was upset me, so I needed to get away from all of it. I'm more focused on daily survival than I used to be. Thanks, Bush Administration, for all the thievery, lies, and destruction of our economy. The rich got richer and the poor got poorer. They call it a recession, I call it a depression. Look around. People are struggling. We bailed out the banks and they tightened the reins on us. Thanks, Congress. Fees. Changes in terms. That's what WE got, while our oppressors received a bailout from its victims. Extortion by bullies. We had our lunch taken from us.


Wednesday, March 17, 2010

We're Number One! And Other Meanderings

In stupidity...

Package it slickly...Americans will buy it.

Obama Didn't Disappoint Me.
I had little faith in him to start with so there weren't any expectations to be shattered. His being "allowed" to run at all showed me clearly that he was already being managed by "the powers that be."
Mostly more of the same, slow change at best, Republicans still call the shots from the sidelines and incite their ballistic members to riot.
The last REAL progressive to run who actually excited me and gave me hope was Howard Dean and the media/GOP destroyed him with lies before the Iowa primary. He was leading. Suddenly and mysteriously Kerry "won" after a media onslaught of lies.
Kerry had no intention of standing up for us, ever, he was more of the same detestable D.C. game-playing, greedy sham. He has too much invested in the status quo, he's an elitist from the start. His claim to fame was in not wanting to fight in Vietnam. Nobody wanted to fight in Vietnam. He had the money and influence to speak out. Few Americans had such power. Thousands just died following orders of the corporate leaders. He IS a corporatist, he and his wife are loaded from the same sources, corporate welfare for which WE pay. He didn't even TRY to run a campaign to win, he made a mockery of the support he was receiving from some of the left. He insulted us, he went skiing constantly, bike riding, wind surfing, yet he DID accidentally win but didn't contest the phony vote count in Ohio just like we knew he wouldn't. He didn't WANT to be president he likes it just fine in the financially remunerative senate. No real responsibility, lots of prestige and power, no need to be consistent on anything but merely show up and spinelessly vote on occasion while spewing long winded bullshit speeches that mean absolutely nothing and don't help any of us just his fellow rich friends and fellow yachtsmen and vacationers.

Same crap with Lieberman. Always in the game for himself and his wife, their financial well-being, not for the constituents, never for the people of CT or of the US. Lieberman "winning" in CT was a huge disappointment to me. I couldn't fathom anyone voting for him over Lamont. What the hell went wrong there? He had "friends" like Obama to support his illegitimate candidacy as a fake Democrat, he had racked up some IOUs and he used them to win as an independent, no accountability to anyone but himself. Another mistake made by Hillary Clinton, after what Lieberman did to her husband in 1998 she should have had more sense than to support that lying thug but she did. Maybe in her case it was personal due to her husband humiliating her. But Obama? What the hell was his point in supporting that cockroach...what deals were worked out there? Lieberman has more than stabbed Obama in the back repeatedly, yet he keeps coming back for more? What must Joe have on him? What secret power does he wield in back rooms? And the lying media again. Media that has been owned by a handful of right wing companies since the GOP "fixed" the FCC rules in 1996.

Edwards showed hope that he'd work for us, I believe he would have helped labor at the very least but of course he literally fucked it up for all of us with his personal life and a woman who eagerly and loudly destroyed his political career, hurt his wife badly and seems to take great pleasure in it. Apparently she hadn't heard of birth control and involved a child too. Edwards was ruled by his prick, the mistake of the ego that leaves a nasty stain. He fell for the compliments from a nasty woman and screwed up several lives. He could have been a contender but he destroyed all chances with his stupid choice of a liaison that hurt his wife the most but showed he could be owned by the GOP due to his inability to control himself. He proved himself to be a bad risk. What an idiot. What a fool. And for what? Five minutes of being told how cute he is? And a child is born...tragic.

The list of men in the GOP who have strayed from their marriages is far longer but they don't pay the price Liberals do. Democrats are held to a higher standard than those fake moralistic "family values" liars who get away with far more in the bedroom. They just don't have consciences so they stay put in their positions of power and aren't held accountable. Democrats get pushed out of contention once they stray. Edwards WAS a disappointment, as was Clinton. They fucked US not just their wives. We've been betrayed consistently by our politicians. The ones who DON'T screw around in their marriages are too busy stealing from us.

Several things must happen if we ever hope to have just and fair government in this country. First we have to educate the entire country. The U.S. seems to be filled with in-bred ignorant lumps who take pride in never reading a book, never examining anything with a critical eye and just barely existing from year to year watching TV, believing lies they're told by the TV screens, and wallowing in ignorance while regularly attending church and thinking they're better than everyone else in other countries. They have "religion" yet are the most judgmental people on earth. Christianity is like the Taliban in their narrow scope of thought. They're against anyone else's freedoms and can't bear to allow others to be who they are. They can't think beyond junior high school level.
Their minds are closed. They "peaked" in the cess pool that is called High School. Their IQs are low, they eat too much, drive gas guzzlers and are idiots who drag us all down with their sheer idiocy. Oh, but to criticize them isn't allowed. We're number one. USA, USA, USA. Oh yes, they have "sports" to occupy their feeble minds. Yet they only tolerate people of other colors if they "win" games for them, they won't tolerate them in their limited lives. This is a country of racists and misogynists. Women haven't ever achieved equality. Women of color are on the lowest rung of society. To be judged by some fat white ignorant "church-going" farm boy is more than insulting for anyone who happens to be gay or black or female in this lowbrow country.

Election finance laws HAVE to be changed so that "poor" people have a chance of running too. Only the rich have a sliver of hope here. In other countries there are limits to the amount of air time candidates can use up before election day. In this country the richest people win. It's not fair to anyone but the rich and corporations.

The 1996 FCC Regulations must be changed
. As long as lies are allowed 24/7 unchallenged the "public" is lead along by the nose and has no access to facts. Those of us who DO delve into the facts know we're being lied to. Most folks have neither the time nor the inclination to research much about candidates' voting records, personal finances, connections to winger organizations, they accept what they're told by assholes like Rush Limbaugh, Bill O'Reilly, the entire Fox network which was designed as a propaganda tool by the GOP. They ARE the big ad for their candidates, run by Roger Ailes a well known wing nut.

We who hit the streets to protest Vietnam, those of us in the age brackets born from 1946 to 1955 had real power at one time. We were making a difference But they killed all our leaders starting with JFK and made sure nobody who was truly Liberal ever had a chance to run effectively since. RFK's assassination was our last "warning" and they've been punishing us ever since for not embracing corporate rule.

The shrewdest move made by Dick Cheney and his administration was not to institute a draft for his wars. Rumsfeld destroyed the military by outsourcing its own functions so it has to rely on contractors just to eat or shower. Between those two men, Dick and Don, they have destroyed our country since they were in the White House with Nixon, got placeholder Ford to pardon Nixon. We had a chance to regain justice for all with Watergate, D and D made sure the executive branch became unassailable despite criminal activities. Both of those men belong in prison yet roam free to hurt us more every day, sending their disgusting progeny (Liz Cheney) onto Fox to do more damage.

Our credibility as a nation is in smithereens. The rest of the world REALLY wants us to regain our footing and be the decent nation we once were, they're bending over backwards to give Obama every chance to prove he's up to the task but he's too weak to handle the load. he's been handed the Nobel Peace Prize, more as an act of encouragement (or relief from Bush) than for anything he's done or will do. He's increased the number of troops committed to killing people in Afghanistan, he's bent over for the war hawks despite public opinion screaming at him to end these wars started by Bush and Cheney. He's not strong enough to stand up to the military industrial complex. Hell, he's too weak to stand up to little AIPAC runt Joe Lieberman. He has done nothing but bend over and accommodate the right wing in the name of bipartisanship when they have no intention of doing anything but further their own interests. If he can't see that they operate in bad faith every day he's living in total denial. I never expected him to do much but kowtow to the GOP in the first place but he's been even worse, he's given more power to them in this one year than even they could have anticipated. If he had been a real threat to them they would have had him neutered before he got to the White House. The most clever thing he did was to make Biden his VP, it was the best kind of protection he could have bought himself as Joe Biden might turn out to be a fantastic truly Liberal president, he has a moral compass unlike his "boss." Biden was against this Afghanistan troop increase but he was slapped across the face by Obama and Emanuel who are in fact far to the right of most Americans in the Democratic Party. Our party has been infiltrated and overrun by Republicans. Far too many are DINOs who never would have been elected without that "D" after their names. They behave just like the corporate assholes in the GOP. Our "purity" tests don't exist, apparently we'll allow anyone to run as a Democrat who has the money despite proof that they are going to vote with the GOP each and every time. They hate us. They screw us every day and take our money while smiling. The true Democrats are shouted down by the winger side of our party. We need to purge our party and send them packing to the GOP where they belong. Ben Nelson, Landrieu, these people aren't Democrats, they're scum.

This country is fed a steady diet of tripe daily. It's eagerly lapped up. Television is king. Television has destroyed intellectual curiosity, perhaps the most abused invention in the history of mankind, it's a brainwashing machine. Intellectualism of any kind is frowned upon as elitist George Bush has the intellect of a gnat and people could feel equal to or even superior to him so they "liked" him. Not that he needed to be liked, both of his presidential elections were stolen. To say so is labeled as conspiracy theory. I think to NOT know the elections were stolen is conspiracy theory. To believe the lies of ballots that were never counted and the facts makes us a banana republic. Florida was rigged by Jeb Bush, and Joe Lieberman helped. Al Gore made a huge mistake in letting his disappointment in Clinton's sexual proclivities cloud his judgement in choosing a VP running mate. I understand his disappointment in Clinton, I was disappointed too but to choose Lieberman, the one who made "bipartisan" attacks on Clinton possible was short sighted. Graham should have been his running mate...a decent man with real convictions. Gore fucked up and then didn't fight. Perhaps his family was afraid he too would be assassinated or "accidentally" die in a plane crash like Wellstone. Real Liberals just seem to have a way of dying in accidents. Ted Kennedy was supposed to be on that flight with Wellstone, (two for the price of one) and at the last moment changed his plans. That must have really upset the Wellstone murderers. They thought they'd get Ted too. What a disappointment for them. The second JFK Jr. started to gain momentum he had to be killed too. The mystery surrounding his death isn't probed at all. Just another "tragedy" for the Kennedy family.

The GOP will do anything to keep power. Why is it easy to imagine the Mafia killing off opponents but not Dick Cheney? He's FAR worse than any Mafia boss or underworld killer. He's a truly evil man who hasn't let anything or anyone stand in his way. He's definitely capable of murder. Why isn't he in prison? He and Rumsfeld ARE monstrous murderers. They'd kill anyone in their way. Their front man Bush liked to torture frogs when he was a child. He liked to burn pledges with hot wire coat hangers while he had his way paid through college. He saw nothing wrong with it. He too is a murdering thug. And he's skated too. Off to the world of motivational speeches, what a joke when he couldn't construct a sentence let alone a speech without aid. A privileged brat from an evil family of big money and thievery. Prescott Bush made his fortune in cahoots with Hitler but nobody ever mentions it. His funds were frozen after WWII but somehow FDR let him slide as it would have been "too destructive" to the nation to hold him responsible for his treason. One wonders what deals were cut. The Bush family is one of treason and greed, beholden to nobody but corporate buddies and log rolling funds off each others' fat backs. Their "dynasty" continues with more of them in the wings ready to run for office and steal all our taxes again.

Obama hasn't the guts for this job. A real Liberal would have put a stop to the wingers in the Democratic Party from day one. He's not able to stand up to them. Maybe he knows his days would be numbered if he did a thing to shake up the status quo. He shouldn't have run for president if he was so easily scared. It's going to take a REAL man or woman to change things. This country is too misogynistic to elect a woman president. Such a backward country filled with uneducated morons. Now THAT'S disappointing.

"Nothin's a guarantee, it's the old 'one day at a time'...and that's all it's supposed to be I guess." Levon Helm