Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Bush "Press" Conference - Video

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Pres. Bush News Conference (3/21/2006)

56:20 of lies and spin. To the talking heads on cable gnus who claim this was an "unscripted" press conference why did the pResident have a list of questioners to which he frequently referred and why did he say of one question regarding Social Security, "..it wasn't on the list" (approx 29 minutes) and even more telling, "Let's see here...they've told me what to say" at 43:13. Unscripted? Please. Nothing he does is unscripted.

Rove is taking names.


Anonymous Dave said...

He can have mine. Pigshit motherfucker, bring it on.

7:07 PM  
Blogger Panda said...

Hahaha. He's an evil sunuvabitch. You might change your mind after he gets you alone in a room ala Gannon. Tonight he's lusting after Helen Thomas. Probably tapping her phone with tupping on his mind. Fancies himself quite the ram.

8:19 PM  
Anonymous Dave said...

He's trying to figger out if helen's a jew or not. How come she has that nose?

I have it on authority this is what THEY answered.

pssst. She's an Arab, [shitboy]. She's Danny Thomas' mother.

Like on "Make Room for Daddy?" Danny Thomas? That was almost as fuckin' good as Beaver or as good as fuckin' Beaver, huh? *smirk*

Yeah. That's a good one, [Shitboy]

11:52 PM  

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