Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Suspicious Diversion at White House

The timing is right. Bush was caught in more lies at his suppress conference yesterday so a diversion of the terror-type was needed today. A reminder to the sheep of how dangerous life is for the Chimp. Speculation was running rampant for over an hour obliterating all other news. Bomb squads, dogs, X-ray machines, investigators, robots, breathless reporting leading to "thankfully an all-clear" from the secret service. Suspicious package investigated at White House gate
The package was noted just after President Bush left via helicopter from the South Lawn -- on the other side of the White House -- for a trip to Wheeling, West Virginia.
Reporters, cameramen and photographers were told to remain inside the briefing room while officers investigated.

CNN mentioned 9/11 so many times I almost expected a plane to crash into the White House any second. "We have to report these things post 9/11."-John King, MSNBC. He must be paid by the number of times he mentions 9/11. He gave reminders of the security precautions since 9/11. It sure sounded dangerous. MSNBC said authorities might "blow up something" but that didn't happen. Cable non-news was drenched with scary terms. Anything to divert attention from the lies? Pretzel boy was "briefed" after he left on Marine One to give a speech on terror to 250 "military families" in West Virginia. What? back to another hand-picked audience? He'll be taking questions they say. But not from reporters.
Hey, all you "reporters", see what happens if you ask one too many questions? You can't in or out of the White House. Trapped by somebody's lunch bag? We're not being told what it really was. A male subject "known" to the White House is in custody since he apparently does this all the time. He has been read his rights and is reassuringly not violent. "Protocol" is being followed. The harmless package has been "rendered" safe. Thank Ghod. What a relief..but for whom?


Anonymous Seamus said...

Odds are it was reality trying to intrude on our pet sub-simian. I heard that it was a box of books. Among the titles were Kevin Phillips last two.

What were they thinking? The boy can't read.

2:39 PM  
Blogger Panda said...

Maybe there was a book about a pet goat. Uh oh.

3:49 PM  

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