Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Snotty Quit? Pass the Kleenex

The propaganda games out of the White House just got more desperate. Laughingstock press spokestwit Scotty Dog Quits in the take no prisoners shuffle at the White House. Looks like Rummy is moving a few people in to handle the propaganda and Karl has been untethered to fix the 2006 elections and be a tad less visible around the White House.

MClellan Resigns
WASHINGTON - White House Deputy Chief of Staff Karl Rove gave up some of his responsibilities and White House press secretary Scott McClellan announced his resignation Wednesday, continuing a shake-up in President Bush's administration that has already yielded a new chief of staff.
But now, the job of deputy chief of staff for policy is being given to Joel Kaplan, the deputy budget director.
Asked whether the change in Rove's role was akin to what he used to do as political director, McClellan responded "I wouldn't look at it that way. ... Karl is someone who has always been intimately involved in the strategic planning and addressing these bigger strategic issues and this will free him up to do more of that."
McClellan is expected to remain in his job until a successor is named. Among those under consideration are Tony Snow, a former White House speechwriter under the first President Bush, former Pentagon spokeswoman Victoria Clarke and Dan Senor, a former coalition spokesman after the invasion of Iraq, according to Republican officials.

Rove gave up some of his responsibilities? I doubt it...he just shifted gears.Is Fitzgerald getting closer? Or has this move enabled him to devote more of his disgusting time to smearing Democrats? Darn, no more Scotty Dog to kick around, to be replaced by? Pick your trial balloon. Dan Senor was a senior adviser to Bremer in Iraq, more recently hired by, gasp, Google. Victoria (Torie)Clark is a known Pentagon, turned TV "analyst", whore. For ghod's sake, Tony Snow is straight out of Fux Gnus, Cheney's favorite channel. Joel Kaplan was a "helper" in Florida's stolen election. They're not exactly replacing the unethical with the ethical here. The names are changing but the criminals are simply changing seats. Revolving door, Hello, Goodbye.The whole thing reeks of cover-up, clamping down on "news" and the release of the hounds...Rover. It looks like the thugs have decided to exert a steel grip on all "news" we're allowed to hear. Let the stonewalling commence, but harder, harder. They like it harder. Who the hell are they trying to kid here? Helen Thomas will never again be allowed to ask a question.
Wait, CNN's reporting a huge explosion in Kabul, the forgotten war in Afghanistan, near UN HQ, first reported as the US Embassy. God, these neothugs are good at diversion and distraction. Lieboy is, after all, THE war pResident. Time to show shome TERRA on TV so folks don't think about the shake-up under Rummy's rule. It's that or Aruba, or lacrosse players committing rape.
A novel idea: Just give us the TRUTH!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

So the Chimp has narrowed down his choices between Tony Snowjob, Vicwhoria Clarke, and Dan Flat top Senor.


5:38 PM  
Blogger Panda said...

VicWhoria stated categorically to Anderson Cowpie that she would not accept the position if it was offered and that they wouldn't offer it to her, she's certain. Then she proceeded to kiss the entire mis-administration's collective rotting fetid ass.
She wants it. She really wants it.
They might just choose her. Ex-brass-Ho, perfect. Blonde, blue eyes. Even more perfect. "Rumor" has it that Senor left Google to be with his family...and might not want the job. Possibly too much light could be shone under his rock. What could Bremer have done with all the missing loot? Tony Ho would be perfect for them too, in terms of not letting one shred of truth out. But the Fux Gnus affiliation might go against him this time. It should be interesting.

11:23 PM  
Blogger SNAKE HUNTERS said...

I just wonder...

Is this just another...

Hate Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld,

Naww. Could it be?

Is there any hope. Will the
next Prez be perfect? Naww.

Read a letter from

Barcelona. (Cool yer jets!)

1:23 PM  
Anonymous daisy said...

Excellent observations here, as usual, Miss Panda. You saw this quote:

"Scott McClellan resigns position as White House press secretary. Will be replaced with a Fox News anchor to cut out the middleman." - headline on the 'intarwebs.'

2:22 PM  
Blogger Panda said...

Hahaha...Daisy, I hear Snow is "negotiating" with the White House. What a patriotic fellah he is.

9:30 PM  
Blogger Panda said...

Snake Hunter, I think you're in the wrong place. Yes, I hate them. They're a bunch of crooks and KILLERS!! And you? Do you love them? Do you vote for Neocons? Do you vote in your own worst interests? Your compassionate conservative uniter-not-a divider is destroying Democracy. He's not a Republican, he just USES the name. He's not a real Christian, he STOLE the name. Can't you see any reason why most of us out here in the real world hate them? Or are you one of the "Nuke 'em" crowd? I won't be "cooling my jets" any time soon...not until all those bastards are in JAIL!

9:38 PM  

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