Monday, June 26, 2006

Bullshit Flag Desecration Distraction

Fuck off, Congress! Seriously, there's so much WRONG in this country and they waste our fucking time on a goddamned flag burning amendment?!! It won't lower gas prices, it won't bring our troops home safely, it won't stop global warming, it won't stop the outsourcing of jobs, it won't re-build New Orleans, it won't get our stolen tax dollars back from lying thieves, it won't stop the lying bastards in the White House from tapping our phones and searching our bank accounts yet those motherfuckers have made it a top priority! Congress SUCKS! They're a bunch of sheltered out of touch bastards! Instead of protecting the flag how about protecting our RIGHTS?!
First the House passed their bill with only 130 members realizing this is NOT an issue out here. (There was plenty of leeway for a few wayward Republicans to vote no.) Now the Senate is yapping and yammering, posturing hypocritically about it. Who the hell asked them to put this subject on the front burner? Bill Nutcase Frist's Citizens Flag Alliance? CFA has several links inside, most to religious groups like Tony Perkins' family of nutjobs alliance but others are 404, site doesn't exist and some others I'm sure don't realize that saying "no" to flag burning put them in such extremist company. Most folks when asked would say they don't want to see the flag burned but when asked further would admit that our freedoms are more important than a piece of cloth. Constitutional amendments are far too important to waste on political posturing to frighten people and keep control of all branches of government by a bunch of rotten fascists. As for desecration, doesn't that also cover writing all over a flag? Hypocritical lying bastards!

Flag Burning Redux
If this is an election year, it must be time to amend the Constitution.
If you haven't noticed a rash of flag-burning incidents sweeping the nation that's because, well, there isn't one. But that doesn't stop Republicans from trotting it out as a more-patriotic-than-thou card.

Flag Desecration Chronology

CFA's "evidence" of flag desecration for2006 :Drunks, teens and vandals. Hardly a threat to Democracy.

And for 2005 etc. etc. ad nauseum. Nothing more than crazy kids, drunks and one or two people with an axe to grind. Again, hardly a threat to Democracy...unlike our current White House occupants.

Update: The vote


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