Monday, July 31, 2006

Florida Bush

President Bush speaks at the U.S. Coast Guard Integrated Support Command, Monday, July 31, 2006, in Miami Beach, Fla. (AP Photo/Haraz N. Ghanbari)

Yes, that's right folks, Iraq is worse, Afghanistan is worse, the Israelis are bombing the shit out of Lebanon, Syria is nervous, Neocons are chomping at the bit to nuke Iran and Mr. Dickhead has run off to Jebland for a photo op with the Coast Guard and to spout a bunch of distorted bullshit about the economy. He sounded drugged or drunk...what a fucking idiot. (Video at link)
Thanks for the warm welcome on a warm day. (Laughter.) I'm proud to be here in this really dynamic city. You know, it's an amazing part of our country, when you walk off and a member of the United States Congress says, "Bienvenido a Miami."

Hey, IDIOT! Stop Israel's genocide and while you're at it get the hell out of Iraq, Afghanistan and our White House too. Enough is enough!


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