Sunday, July 30, 2006

Rice Cancels Beirut Trip

Condi arrived in Jerusalem for a meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert stating SHE had not set a deadline for a cease fire. She's "The Decider's" decider.
Rice argues an immediate ceasefire would serve no purpose unless the underlying causes of the conflict are addressed.
No purpose other than saving innocent lives. Rice announced she's canceled her trip to Beirut but Lebanese officials had already told her not to come. Lebanon cancels talks with RiceThe "war" isn't going well for Israel despite their superior firepower, yet they reject any truce or cease fire. Lebanese Prime Minister Fouad Siniora now says no talks are possible with Condi since the latest bombing of a refugee shelter in Qana. As any sane person could have predicted, support for Hezbollah is growing as the Israelis continue to invade and attack with total support of the U.S. Neocon government.

Update:Ceasefire Calls on the Rise, Israel Condemned for Qana Massacre. Israel suspends aerial attacks for 48 hrs with a 24 hr ultimatum to "get out of Dodge".

Israel's "precision bombing" continues to kill innocent civilians. Dozens Killed in Qana. (60+) The Israelis have an opportunity to do major damage to Lebanon until the Neocons decide it's time to stop the destruction of Lebanon's infrastructure and possibly invade Syria and/or bomb Iran.

Israeli Defense Minister Amir Peretz listens to U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, seen in the shadow, at the start of their meeting in Jerusalem July 30, 2006.

"No pressure" from U.S. on Israel. The bombing will continue.

Rice says she's coming back to the U.S. to "work" on U.N. resolution 1559. China and Russia, both with vested interests in the Middle East may have something to say about it. Bush said in his Saturday radio address, (The attack on Lebanon is) a crisis that began with Hezbollah's unprovoked terrorist attacks on Israel. He didn't go back far enough, before the capture of the two Israeli soldiers to Israelis killing civilians without provocation. The eye-for-an-eye retaliatory acts go back as far as the memories of all the people in the Middle East. George Bush displays his ignorance each time he opens his roll-filled mouth. His double standard for Israel continues: The U.S. has shipped more arms to Israel, Bush insists "Militias in Lebanon must be disarmed, the flow of illegal arms must be halted." Interestingly, the North Koreans, who have nuclear weapons, aren't asked to do the same and Israel has not been asked to comply with U.N. resolution 425 although they have been in violation, with impunity, for years.
The U.S. and Israel aren't interested in diplomatic solutions. They want to control the Middle East no matter how many innocent civilians have to die. Iran too, has something to say. Iran warns over U.N. resolution


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Came across your blog and wondered if you had ever seen this clip - very funny!

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Ahahaha....thanks, I hadn't seen that one yet. Hilarious!

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