Sunday, October 08, 2006

Bush Family Outing

Doro tries waterboarding

Bar isn't happy

Doro improves her swing

Bushes share stage
On Saturday, the two Bushes took part in the christening of the Navy's newest nuclear-powered aircraft carrier, named the USS George H.W. Bush after the 41st president. Amid rainfall and the crackle of thunder, the current president stood under the carrier's bow and said his 82-year-old father "exemplifies the great character of our country." Said the elder Bush, "I'm very proud of our president. I support him in every single way with every fiber of my body."
No mention of poor Doro, the one who did the actual christening of said carrier. Lieboy needs more photo ops with the old man since Woodward's book came out with allegations of a "strained" relationship. All Dubya's relationships are screwed up from his family to the rest of the world.

USS George H.W. Bush Christened



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