Sunday, October 08, 2006

What's Up Dick?

Hatespeak, it's what Dick does best. Fundraising and fearmongering. Sarasota Florida, fundraising for Vern Buchanan $318,000 breakfast. (Katherine Harris' old seat)
"If Democrats take control and the tax cuts expire, American families will face immense tax increases and the economy will sustain a major hit," he said. "The tax reductions are doing exactly, exactly what we expected. President Bush's tax plan is right for America, and it's working."
According to Dick Cheney the worst enemies and threats to American Democracy are Democrats. If Democrats win, yikes, run for your lives. It'll be mayhem in the streets. Democrats WANT the terrorists to come here and kill your children because Democrats are eeeeeeeevilllllll. Democrats want to spend all your money and let illegal gay terrorist immigrants rape your daughters. You are not safe, go forth in fear. Spread division, feel the hate. He's a masterful liar. No questions. Canned audiences only.
"Wars are not won on the defensive" "America is safer today because we've conducted this war on the offense." "The stakes are high...." Transcript

Vice President Dick Cheney told about 200 people at a fundraiser that voting for Democrats in November threatens the economic and military security of the country.

Photo Op with assembled military personnel.
Oct. 4, Fort Hood

Fundraising and spreading fear, as usual. Things are so grim for Dick he needed the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders open for him at Fort Hood. A grim speech from a grim liar; no chance to ask why he enjoys sending American troops into harm's way. He lied going in, he lied once we were there, and he's lying now. He's making money for his retirement on our troops. Security guards for his contractors, Halliburton, et al. Green Zone guards. They deserve some answers for being asked to die.

Protester sues Dick's SS Guards.
“I think your policies in Iraq are reprehensible,” or as the lawsuit itself describes the encounter, “words to that effect.”...spokesman for the Secret Service, Eric Zahren, said Mr. Howards “wasn’t acting like other folks in the area,” and that he became “argumentative and combative” when agents tried to question him. Mr. Howards said Tuesday that he was never threatening and did not become upset until his arrest. “This was not about anything I did — this is about what I said,” he said.

Dick's second Michigan trip in two weeks More than $150,000, most for U.S. House candidate Tim Walberg, Michigan's 7th District.
In a speech to donors in Bath, near Lansing, Cheney said the No. 1 campaign issue is national security, and Republicans are stronger than Democrats on fighting terrorism. "The United States is at war," Cheney said, "and wars are not won on the defensive."


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