Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Thugs at Work

Vice Asshole
Cheney went to West Point where he was before a "safe" audience.
His "speech" was more of the same bullshit; terror, terror, terror, they'll attack us here if we don't annihilate them there, we have saved you from more attacks but they might attack again, be afraid, be very afraid. Stock Dick-speak.
Cheney Lying at West Point
Shitboy went to visit another captive audience, wounded soldiers. Photo Op at Bethesda.
"To be the Commander-in-Chief of such men and women is really an awesome honor."
Bush is Awesome

Andy Card made the big mistake of appearing before real people at U. Mass, Amherst to receive an undeserved honorary degree for "public service" and was deservedly BOOOOED.
Good for the students! This was fabulous!

They never travel together anymore.
Bush Dick Cruising

It's a rough job speaking for a killer.
Bush Tony Snow


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