Sunday, July 22, 2007

Bush the Reverse Revolutionary

Bush speech..Capitol front of portrait
Surrender of General Burgoyne
Is the little dictator trying to invoke Iraq as the American Revolution?
The Battle of Saratoga.
King George
The scene of the surrender of the British General Burgoyne at Saratoga, New York, on October 17, 1777, was a turning point in the Revolutionary War that prevented the British from dividing New England from the rest of the colonies. The central figure is the American General Horatio Gates, who refused to take the sword offered by General Burgoyne, and, treating him as a gentleman, invites him into his tent. All of the figures in the scene are portraits of specific officers. Trumbull planned this outdoor scene to contrast with the Declaration of Independence beside it.
The boy king's time has run out.
It's them or us. We're losing.
Monarchy or Democracy
Is he delusional enough to fantasize Iraqis will just roll over and play dead while under occupation? Has he learned nothing outside the bubble containing his head? Is he ever in touch with real people? Or just his demons, his "higher father" and those pesky voices.
I Hear  The Voices
Time for another revolution against tyranny? We could start in Congress. Investigate every single thing, impeach Cheney immediately.
Can our Congressional Democrats please grow a huge collective spine and realize that there is power in numbers?! We've got the numbers. We are here. Lead! For god's sake, LEAD! Isn't that what we the people elected them to do? As for Republicans, this is THEIR WAR. It's been THEIR plan for a decade. It makes a whole lot of them rich.
It's the GOP's war, not ours. I've been saying this all along. Don't let the MSM tell us the Democrats are responsible for this mess. The GOP and their Boy Blunder got us into it, they're KEEPING us in it. They can end their own war but they refuse.
Keith Olbermann agrees with me. Special Comment at C&L
Validation. I like it.


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