Monday, November 19, 2007

Fran Man

Bush Homeland Security Adviser Resigns
Frances Fragos Townsend quit as Homeland Security whatever under whoever, all of whom we pay. But the lame duck doesn't care. Everything's in place. No worries. Dick has it under control, Congress is filled with limp dicked money grubbing boot lickers. It's swell, they all know not to fuck with Texas and the oil boys.
Fran Townsend who came from the Brooklyn DA's office and was elevated by Giuliani via mutual Mafia interests, hit the outskirts of justice during Ashcroft but rose up to be a big deal in the Homeland Security offices of spying and watching all of us. Maybe she didn't like working with so many Texas folks who were good friends of the Shrub. She's quit. Whoop-de-doo. She gonna work on the Rudy campaign? She's gotta owe him something. Maybe he owes her something.
She hopes to work in global risk management for a large bank or financial services company. Townsend also said she has now changed her mind and would consider running for public office someday. In the past, she prosecuted violent crimes, narcotics offenses, Mafia cases and white-collar fraud as an assistant district attorney in Brooklyn, N.Y. and as an assistant U.S. attorney in Manhattan.

Or maybe she sees the Hindenburg for what it is...or maybe they didn't think her lips were plump enough. Whatever. No real changes. But good lord, what the hell is wrong with her, she's a putrid piece of shit to say this crap:
"You are such a man"
Fran Man

News Hounds
We watch FOX so you don't have to.

"He turns to her as a kind of go-to person," Rice once said.

Makin' Progress
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