Saturday, May 10, 2008

Jenna, "I'm not that glamorous"

Sneak peak of the wedding garb?

Bride and Groom

Jenna's just a simple gal, no big wedding for her. At the parental ranch with 200 guests, nothing fancy.
Jenna Bush: White House wedding not for me
President’s daughter explains why she chose small, family affair on ranch...a private ceremony with a guest list of just 200. "I guess it maybe says we’re crazy," Jenna said with a laugh as she explained the decision. "I wanted to be at home, and I wanted it to feel natural and I wanted it to be a private thing. It’s the one day of my life — it happens once — that I want to have a private time with Henry and my family. Plus, I’m not that glamorous. I’m more an outdoor type."

The sunset ceremony, she told Curry, "will be lovely and private and simple, and, we hope, the wildflowers will be blooming."

Her gown, which she has described to Vogue magazine as simple and casual, is an Oscar de la Renta creation of embroidered organza with matte beading and a small train. Barbara Bush will be her sister’s maid of honor. Jenna’s 14 attendants will wear short chiffon dresses by Lela Rose, a Texas designer, in green, blue, yellow and lavender.

Jenna Bush reveals wedding details in Vogue

Hager, the son of Virginia Republican Party Chairman John H. Hager and a former aide to Karl Rove, asked Jenna Bush to marry him in August...Laura Bush opted not to use a wedding planner.

-- Sister Barbara Bush joked with Reed that she has been preparing for her toast since birth. And what will her she be wearing? Rose told the American-Statesman that for the twin (also pictured in the May Vogue, but as part of a photo shoot from the American Museum of Natural History Winter Dance - she's wearing a seafoam green Carolina Herrera pants ensemble), Rose designed “a special moonstone blue silk shimmer soft long gown with a fluttered open back. The gown is accented with a silver sash to complement those used for the House Party's dresses.”

As for after the wedding, Jenna Bush told Reed she plans to go back to teaching.

Although she's not specific on where she'll do this, the Baltimore Sun reports that Hager, who is scheduled to receive his MBA from the University of Virginia later in May, has purchased a $440,000 rowhouse in South Baltimore and has accepted a position with Constellation Energy Group.


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