Sunday, August 24, 2008


How many houses do you own? Um, I don't remember.
McCain unsure how many houses he owns.
A selective memory at best
Marriage is between a man and a woman different women.
He currently has one trophy wife. His first one is no longer perfect as she got wrecked in an accident so he had to get a newer model who fit the GOP "first lady" mold.

The ex-wife is damaged goods and no longer relevant. He HAD to divorce her. He was already having an affair with his soon-to-be-next-wife cindy, he lied on his divorce papers...he seems to lie about everything. The ex-children aren't up to par either so we haven't seen much of them. The ex-wife was truly the better half.

There are the elite, and there are the truly elite. Fluffy bio. Cindy's rarefied world consists of delegating chores to servants and assistants. Cindy hasn't ever had to think much about life outside her dreamy routines, dreamy article here. She grew up in a make-believe world as an only child (false) in a perfect world (only for the wealthy)with an ideal "upbringing" into high society. And she soitenly liked the high part. She followed the path of the nouveau riche social climber, attended the finest schools, wore the finest clothes. He father had political ambitions too...being a beer gangster didn't look good on his resume. Alternate route into power...marry off a daughter.
Married (she thinks) to a "war hero" senator and potential president, life couldn't be nicer at the country club. Power is an aphrodisiac. Her table is always ready. Her appointment will always be worked in...she's on the A list. High on perks.

Cindy has the look of money, the look of a woman who's spent a lot of money on herself to look the way she looks. Rich. The bothersome burdens of the terribly well off. Having to look it. The helpers and assistants; preeners, dressers, hair and makeup people; the advisers, schedulers and preparers, they take care of tiresome details. Her clothes buyers do an excellent job. Servants make Cindy's life run smoothly, she needn't think, it's pre-scheduled. Talk about luxury. If I had help in a pit stop like that I'd do magnificent things every day! I'd have time left to blog. Hahahaa. Cindy just has to show up at the right house (8?) and not speak, much, and stay on "above the fray" script. Her life as Barbie is well orchestrated.

I've often lusted after other men's and women's wives for the supportive roles they play, I want one. I want a wife too, somebody who makes my life easier. Somebody who takes care of the details for me. A wife/mommy. Cindy gets valuable time the rest of us don't have. Time is the enemy of all women everywhere. Excuse me. They needed a STUDY to find this one out? Surely they jest?!!!! Ahahahaaaaaaaa. Sigh. Slobby guys create more work for wives

Study: For women, marriage means 7 more hours of chores a week
AT LEAST!!!! Multiply them and.... ARRRGGGGHHHHHHHHH! Men live longer if they're married. Women live longer if they're single. Gee. Now, who is it who sucks the life out of whom again? That sucking sound you hear is IT "needing" something. IT has a voracious appetite. That's right.
Nothing new here.

Want equality sister? Quitcher whinin' an' join up. Keep in mind, you're subservient to just about everyone around you...just like at home, only way worse. For a chance to go to school and get a better job perhaps, you too can become fodder units in the war for oil. Then get back to breedin' lil' miss.
Women and war: The toll of deployment on physical health

That's the supposed equality we're offered instead of equal pay, equal rights, equal treatment and a bit of respect. Since we know we'll never get the respect we deserve let's at least demand and GET half the money. Christ, we've earned it.

The other day I tried to write a list of things I'd do if I got a chance. Not a bucket list, not even my normal "to do" list, just a list of what I'd RATHER be doing. Things for myself, not for anyone else. I was interrupted and the list didn't get finished. I'd get a helluva lot more blogging done if I wasn't always doing something for somebody else. I love making pics...but time is my enemy, never enough time to do the things I enjoy. Because..."I feel like it" isn't an option. I'm really really tired. Jes' sayin'

Now, if I had a ton of money....things would be different.
I might turn into Cindy Hensley McCain. My life sure would be easier.

I'm not on the "same page" as my supposed fellow progressives. My outlook is a tad more jaded. I'm not buying it, but I'm not alone. Chasing the Obama Mirage
Progressives who see a kindred spirit in Barack Obama are fooling themselves.

August 14, 2008

SINCE CORRALLING the Democratic presidential nomination in May, Sen. Barack Obama has spent the last few months moving to the "center" on a number of issues that motivated his supporters during the primaries.

Columnist: Lance Selfa

Lance Selfa Lance Selfa is the author of the forthcoming The Democrats: A Critical History, a socialist analysis of the Democratic Party, and editor of The Struggle for Palestine, a collection of essays by leading solidarity activists. He is on the editorial board of the International Socialist Review.

I no longer feel I have much say in the direction of much of anything except personal things in my personal life....and even then, I'm not in charge.


Anonymous John McCunt said...

Stop whining, babe.
What's so bad about having more houses than I can c(o)unt? You're just jealous. Owning so many mansions creates jobs for others, don't you know? I have a lot of Mexicans working for me.

Besides I even named one of my houses after my wife. It's "Villa Cunt".

10:10 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm a little confused.

Why would a McCain supporter publish his screen name as McCunt?

Must be some deep seated resentment against the majority of the gender population of this planet. I.E. Women. Is your mother a cunt?

(But let's just say this, this particular commenter is probably 14 years old, his parents are separated or divorcing, and he has fantasies about killing his classmates during lunch time.)

No, nee john mccunt, neither Gahzette nor I nor her loyal audience are jealous about not owning a McMansion. It's stupid. You're stupid.

It's stupid to own more than one needs. That's called GREED. And since you are probably one of the fake christians who claim to "know", I bet you don't know about the camel and the eye of the needle.

But you won't come back here and read and respond because you are a hit and run coward.

Guess what, we are not. So get ready for the fight of the century.


5:41 PM  
Blogger Panda said...

I dunno, anonymous, I'm assuming John McCunt is a handle of humor having checked out McCunt. I've found (his?) comments rather amusing but I do admit to a bizarre sense of humor and I'm an easy laugh. ;)
I mean, if the comments were REAL they'd be the words of an insane person, eh?
Anonymous, I agree wholeheartedly with your sentiment, "WE ARE TAKING OUR COUNTRY BACK"...right on!!! :)

5:40 PM  

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