Friday, September 19, 2008

Their Pants should be on FIRE!

John McSame and Sarah Snake Palin are LIARS! The Palin-McCain administration (as she accidentally? put it yesterday) and all they represent is a sham, a joke, a cruel farce. She's a crook. He's a crook. He's with the neocons 95% of the time. The numbers don't lie....but the GOP does.

Four More Years of HELL

This "race" can ONLY be "close" again if the usual Rovian BushChenCo chicanery is at work. All we have to rely on are MSM "polls" that ask leading questions. What if the questions were real, like, "Are you better off financially under a GOP administration or under a Democratic administration?" Well? ARE YOU....gas? groceries? BE HONEST! Only that special top 1% could say they prefer the GOP. The rest of us are screwed by the GOP each and every time. My 401k was faboo under thanks to Dick and Lieboy...poof!
For the last time, Obama will raise taxes only on people who earn more than $250,'s FAIR. It gives middle class America some HOPE...and it gives the poor some HOPE.


John McCain supports the Bush tax cuts for the obscenely wealthy. One of my heroes, Teddy Kennedy, gave a tremendous speech on the senate floor asking the wealthy GOP assholes (who refused to raise the minimum wage for poor Americans while sending billions to Bush for war) exactly when enough is enough for them? It was a magnificent speech, I cried. And it went unheard by most Americans. It's on Youtube. It's worth watching a REAL man in action.

Time-John McCain and the Lying Game
McCain's lies have ranged from the annoying to the sleazy, and the problem is in both degree and kind. His campaign has been a ceaseless assault on his opponent's character and policies, featuring a consistent—and witting—disdain for the truth.

Oh, and what else is new? Same old same old dirty GOP. Bush Machine Smashmouth Politics... as USUAL. The BFEE has had its tentacles in our government since WWII, from Prescott Bush/Hitler up to the current cutthroat crook. They're skimmers of the first order. (Jeb's in the wings.)

GOP's Strategy

Rove says politics determined VP pick

Oh, this is just so Bushie....Palin and First Dude "refuse to testify" despite being subpoenaed. Shades of the Shady BFEE Stonewall technique. "SO?"-Dick Cheney "GO FUCK YOURSELF!"-Dick Cheney to Senator Leahy. Harriet and Karl ignored subpoenas , they're still on the loose. It's okay if you're a Republican. Just about the entire Clinton administration had to testify after being subpoenaed. They had to spent countless hours defending themselves against unfounded charges brought about by a crippling cruel Gingrich Congress with venom on their tiny greedy minds. Their gotcha moment, the blow job...yes, he had a couple. Oooooh, that just emptied out my bank account!

Above the LAW! Or we'll change it! GOP platform. (Along with USA! USA! USA!, Drill, baby, drill! Drill, baby, drill! Drill, baby, drill! and the most popular secretly, Culture of Uterine Life!)

Yeah, it feels so good to hold all the power...Dick knows. He has it. He's mildly endorsed Palin with nothing incriminating in his released statements. Where IS Dick? I'll bet he and King Abdullah do a lot of texting on those Blackberrys that McSame invented. We can just look back at Dick's actions to get a preview of Sinister Snake Sarah.

Irony is not dead.....

Flip Flop Irony

My new hero:
I thought Keith Olbermann was all we'd get...the bone from MSRNC to shut us up. But EGAD! We've been rewarded with my other favorite show.... Rachel Maddow. Wow. What a refreshing breath of real air, truth and justice. Way to go, Rachel.


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