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Lies, Lies, Lies....and More Lies

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Public Enemy Number One:

Getting people to see the truth about Bush and Cheney has been an uphill battle from day one. These Texas killers were already a known quantity...yet people chose to believe them again and again and "You're either with us or you're with the terrorists" as they slandered and threatened anyone who didn't agree with them. Our patriotism was called into question. Some people are simply delusional sheep and believe anything they're told and they're not too bright. Some people are too weak-minded and frightened by the truth to allow any of it into their consciousness. They need authoritarian rule to maintain order in their lives. Some are plain psychopathic and only care about themselves, their own agendas, such as religious zealotry, dominionism, plus have a cruel streak. And some of us (approximately 30% in 2001) realistically looked at the facts and if they didn't add up (which they didn't) we asked questions...we were (and are) a threat to national security per Dick Cheney. Questioning authority IS patriotic, it IS American, it IS ethical and it most certainly is Constitutional. But the Bushites labeled anyone with questions as the culprits for their own crimes, always have and always will, via projection.

Bush and Cheney did NOT "win" the election of 2000, they stole it, they rigged it, they, via lawyers 3,500 of whom poured into Florida to stop the vote count, Jeb Bush's state, made it a "decision" by the Supreme Court instead of a "vote" by the people of the United States. I don't know why Al Gore conceded defeat, he won the election. I don't know why he "chose" Joe Lieberman to be his running mate, a stealth saboteur from day one. Both were horrible errors on Gore's part and I have yet to figure out the reasons why. Why, Al? Why? Joe AIPAC as his VP? It makes NO sense.
The GOP paid staffers of their own to pose as "rioters" to demonstrate in Miami to stop the vote. Miami Brooks Brothers Rioters. The GOP sent throngs of lawyers to tie up the vote counting in the courts, (John Bolton, "I'm here to stop the counting") they stole our Constitutional right to fair elections by threatening, suing, and forcing Florida to go their way...minus the facts; Gore won. Bush was "declared" the winner by a right leaning Supreme Court, O'Connor staying on the court specifically for that purpose as she was overheard stating in public, lest Clinton have an opportunity to appoint somebody sane in her stead, somebody who understood the role of the courts and the Constitution itself.
Context of 'January 27, 2003: 9/11 Commission Decides It Will Not Issue Subpoenas'

9/11 happened on their watch. Not Bill Clinton's, not Barack Obama's, on THEIR watch. Bush ignored an intelligence memo while on one of his many vacations in Crawford in August of 2001, "Bin Laden determined to attack". And that's okay with let him just ignore it? Imagine if Obama did the same thing. He'd be in prison. To suggest they let it happen through either negligence or deliberately was pre-labeled "tinfoil" and plain crazy conspiracy theory. They set up a fake "commission" (Lee Whitewash Hamilton, anyone?) to shut down any real investigation into their lies. They've hidden or simply denied the proof, all we have are facts that don't add up to their version of what happened. The demolition of those buildings doesn't meet scientific evidence. Witnesses were ignored. People at the scene who told of explosions inside the WTC were ignored. The "evidence" of 19 or 20 terrorists was neatly packaged and handed to the "media" for propagandized dissemination. Atta's passport neatly landed on the street in NY intact. Dick Cheney was the president that day, he and Lynne the porn author were in the White House running the show. Bush was "out of harm's way" landing in Omaha where coincidentally many CEOs who would normally have been at work in the WTC were meeting.

The United States of Dick:
US of Dick

Sinister frightening Dick Cheney has been around for a very long time, he was involved in the pardon of law-breaker Dick Nixon with his partner in crime Donald Rumsfeld. They made sure the GOP learned from their mistakes during Watergate and closed all "legal" loopholes for their crimes. It's not illegal if the president does it. Or the Vice President, or the Secretary of Defense. Dick's STILL threatening people in Congress beyond "Go fuck yourself" and Anthrax mysteriously being sent to high ranking Democrats. George and Dick set about destroying our government, they decimated FEMA, put everything else under their control via "homeland security", emptied our treasury into their own pockets and stonewalled for eight years.

Go Fuck Yourself

Now, you'd think Nancy Pelosi personally tortured prisoners at Gitmo, when did she know is more important than when did Dick started torturing people for his fabricated Iraq connection? George Tenet's apparent role, "It's a slam dunk" to connect Saddam to 9/11 and then cover-up the his CIA's cherry picked by Dick false information. He got a medal for his loyalty. What kind of insanity is that? Business as usual for the BushCheney team. Blame the Democrats no matter what. Attack Democrats no matter what, blame Democrats for what they didn't do, no matter what. Go for the weakest most inarticulate links. Nancy water boarded people herself. "Nancy Pelosi was behind it", Joe Watkins, "analyst" on MSNBC, "It's Obama's CIA" he said. So all of the torturing happened because of Democrats. Pelosi was in favor of torturing people. Right.
As usual Pelosi is mishandling the situation, she's let down her constituency....long before this nonsense. The minute she took impeachment "off the table" she betrayed us as a nation. Should she resign? No. On principle. Will she? Maybe...she's inept but she is innocent of torturing anyone. I'm dumbfounded that she sent an aide to such an important thing as a CIA intelligence briefing instead of going herself, in person, knowing no notes could be taken. Bob Graham took notes later, he was there, appalled, and he spoke out at the time. He was ignored. Should the Republicans take responsibility for their criminal actions while they held all three branches of our government? Yes. Will that happen? Probably not. We're weak as a party, we've been overrun by DINOs and right wingers dressed as Democrats. If it walks like the GOP and votes like the GOP it isn't a Democrat. We need to cleanse our own party.

The fourth branch of government, Dick Cheney, has had most of the power since 2000 and still wields it from the sidelines while our leaders allow him to get away with it, above and beyond all laws. He didn't like people getting close to the truth so he outed a CIA agent, Valerie Plame, who was under cover working on Iran's nuclear capabilities. How convenient. A twofer. Scooter took the fall. Nice and neat.

Dick From Hell

Anyone who objected to a thing in a "post 9/11 world" was labeled anti-American, unpatriotic, a threat to America's security. They tore up and threw away our Constitution. Yet people believed them. Why? Because some people just can't handle the truth, their reality would be rocked to its foundation to believe that war crimes can be committed by people with American accents. Perhaps if Dick and George had Russian or German accents they would have believed it...but an American-accented liar? They just couldn't or wouldn't deal with it. The Bush lawyers shoved the massive "Patriot Act" down our throats forcing votes on an unconstitutional piece of hell legislation that nobody even read before being forced in mass hysteria to vote. Dick Cheney assured us we would be attacked again if they didn't get their way. How could he be so sure his Saudi friends would do it again? Osama Bin Laden got exactly what he demanded, the removal of all U.S. military bases on Saudi soil and the destruction of the U.S. Constitution. Where is he? Probably dead but we'll never know since Cheney isn't about to admit a thing. Even under oath. Oaths mean NOTHING to Cheney, Rumsfeld, George, Rove, et alia. Dick is best friends forever with Saudi Arabia the UAE, especially Dubai, home of his Halliburtion HQ.
Our media has been corrupted completely since the 1996 FCC Regulations, bought up by a handful of corporations who backed up the lies being disseminated by shitheads like Karl Rove, American traitor.
The NY Times sold the false connection between Saddam Hussein and the Saudis who blew up the WTC. They lied. CNN and the other cable networks harangued us daily with mushroom clouds that didn't exist, fake spin disguised as "information" and threats to our very lives. There has been a slight shift in the last year or so since the majority of Americans finally couldn't add one and one and get three anymore as the economy sank under the theft of the War Criminal Torturers, skimming and making money off the lives of American troops from day one of the invasion of Iraq. Millions of us worldwide hit the streets to protest the attack, we were dismissed by Bush as "a focus group" while distractions such as abortion, gay rights, anything of a social nature were used instead. Look over there, bright shiny objects to glare at instead of the unpleasant truth right over here under our noses. It worked. It worked for almost the entire eight years of the worst administration in this nation's short history. They robbed us blind!

Rumsfeld Instructs Rush

Rush Limbaugh has more power than our elected officials because the media allows it to be that way. Nobody elected that drug addict to office yet he holds court because Clear Channel owns all the "heartland" radio stations. It's all "middle America" can get on their radio dial, right wing nut jobs paid well to spew propaganda. Cystboy is worth every dime of his $400 million salary, he's getting the job done with ease, anyone who crosses him is dead meat. We have a handful of truthful fact finding voices on the left but those are recent additions. In the lead-up to the invasion of Iraq we had nothing, zip, nada. Talking heads spewing propaganda. Phil Donahue couldn't put sentences together, brevity and clarity have always been beyond his ken. He was fired due to "low ratings" which is just as well since he was a terrible representative for "our" side, the truth, and a Naderite to boot. On the radio we had, (if our radios could pull them in off weak Air America) shrill Rhodes, comedian Franken, and Maddow the best of the lot but too "cerebral" for the masses. The right wing has so many coming in loud and clear including Faux News, it's impossible to list them all...yet they lie on, and on and on, facts be damned. They lie. The psychopaths love them and the delusional seek comfort in their lies.

Oral History of the Bush Administration

And now we have the absolute disappointment of Obama backing down on tribunals at Gitmo, prosecuting war criminals, backing up the CIA over the's getting sickening to me. I like him. I hope he succeeds but giving in to thugs sure isn't the way to do it.

Rush and Dick, it's all they've got left. And Faux Gnus, and Karl and Steele, and anyone else on a suicide mission of lying stupidity.


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